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The Siblings

A light in symbiosis. A conjunctive non-obligate interaction.Symbiosis is any form of relationship between individuals of different species.The simplicity of this object is the result of an extensive research for a pure form and the design of the light itself. This luminaire becomes an object made to trigger both its function and the user’s emotion; the shade in glass is the structure, the diffuser and the wandering object that doesn’t prescribe rules, only invitations.When high-tech meets low-tech.The Siblings is a collection of lights made of noble materials such as Borosilicate glass –widely used in laboratories– and natural wood.For this project a new LED light source has been developed, one that is not dazzling, is dimmable, is incredibly flat and consumes minimum energy.

Frederik Delbart
Centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu

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