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As part of our ‘Superpower Design’ exhibition, the CID invites you to discover the Hôpital Notre Dame à la Rose (Lessines), a former hospital founded in 1242 and run by nuns.
The hospital operated until the 1980s. It has since been converted into a museum, a comprehensive example of a self-sufficient hospital in the Middle Ages.
We will discover its history, its architecture, its collection of medical and pharmaceutical objects, its collection of art objects and its botanical garden of medicinal plants.

Programme :
-9.30am: coffee reception
-10am: visit to the Superpower Design exhibition
-11.15am: Departure for Lessines
-12.15pm: Arrival and lunch break
Suggestions :
-Restaurant: The Hospital Notre-Dame à la Rose's catering team offers quality food and drink.
- The cafeteria at Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose ‘L'écuelle’ remains open for picnics on request from or 068/332403.
-2 - 4.30pm: Guided tour
-5.30pm: Departure
-6.30pm: Return to Grand-Hornu

Price: €30
Information and bookings before 18 May: 065/613902 or