Design on Air

23.06.19 to 13.10.19


Invisible, intangible, immaterial.But also omnipresent and vital. No life on earth is possible without air.

Air - for now - is free and belongs to everyone. But in the Anthropocene it becomes more and more threatened and requires protection. How do designers deal with air? How do they use it?What does air mean to them?

This exhibition looks at the theme of air from different design perspectives. From air used for material objects, like inflatable objects and structures, to air in speculative design scenarios. Including technical and practical design solutions as well as alternative or futurist concepts, from air purification and ventilation to air poetics.

Because just like air, with its tendency to mix and diffuse, design is essentially mixed, plural, rather elusive and…vital.


23 June 2019 to 13 October 2019
  • Curator
    Chris Meplon
  • Scenographer
    Benjamin Stoz