Create, Produce, Live
15.10.23 to 11.02.24


From the “chambrelan” (old French for somebody who works from one room) to the “maker”, working in the home has a long history. It continues to remind us of the relationship between a given time period and its output, as well as the link between an object and where it was made.

Self-building, self-produced and sometimes redistributed energy, and even prepping give new meaning to the term “homemade” these days, with the spread of 3D printing, the revival of the old industrial and manufacturing outskirts of towns and cities, but also the housing crisis and the environment more generally. It is within this context that disciplines are being reinvented, often using craftsmanship as a model.

In the era of open source technology, remote working and Covid-19 lockdowns, what links are being forged between the domestic space, work and objects? Will future production be marked by extreme individualism (making for oneself) or a form of collectivisation (contributing to a network)? How are cities and regions preparing to manage this new network of creators, small producers and engaged users?

A selection of international designers and collective projects are presented alongside a collection of experiences, testimonies and objects to better understand the creativity at play in these new working environments.


15 October 2023 to 11 February 2024
  • Commissaires
    Chloé Braustein-Kriegel et Fabien Petiot
  • Scenographer
    Sam Baron